The Pandal Association, a Hungarian NGO, was established in 2002 by a group of enthousiastic  friends  seeking for doing something for the protection of environment and for the conservation of the nature with helping the local environmental initiatives in Kóspallag and in the wider Börzsöny area and foster sustainable activities. They established the Association so that they could perform their activities in an official manner.
The members of the Association counted   ten originally, from them, four lived in the  location of their main activities, in  Kóspallag. The president of the Association was Dr. Ildikó Ábrók,  the vice-president was Dr. László Bihary, the secretary was János Sorecz.
The Association’s main activities were concentrated to Kóspallag, but they formed a net of relationships with the other local NGOs of the region, like the Magosfa Association or the Kismarosi Teleház Alapítvány  hence they participated in the regional civil movement.
The most important activities that the Association accomplished:
–    in 2002: activities to foster environmental protection, establishing relationships in the Börzsöny region, and environmental education;
–    in 2003: assessing of illegal waste dumping sites in Kóspallag and the neighbouring area; organizing exhibitions and presentations related to the handling of hazardous waste.
–    in 2004-2005: subsequent assessment of illegal waste dump sites in cooperation with Magosfa Környezetvédelmi Alapítvány and the clearing-up of an illegal waste disposal in the Keszó-árok with the involvement of the OTTO Kft.
–    in 2006: the assessment of local products in Kóspallag, Márianosztra and Nagybörzsöny villages in collaboration of the project of Magosfa  Alapítvány
–    in 2007:  working out of the „Egészségterv” of Kóspallag  in cooperation with the Biber Association  for the tender of Egészséges Településekért Alapítvány, organisation of steeplechase for first school students in Kóspallag on the Earth-day, and organisation of excursions in the Börzsöny mountains.
–    in 2008: clearing-out of the Kis-Hanta creek, steeplechase on the Earth-day, obtaining one million Ft on the tender of Egészséges Településekért Alapítvány for local community develpoment in collaboration with the other civil initiatives of Kóspallag.
Then for some years the activities of Pandal were paused, but in the spring of 2014 a bunch of environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly people, young adults revitalized  the Association , and resumed the activities.
The new president of the Association is Attila Plachi, the vice-president is Menta Szilágyi, the secretary is Tünde Lengyel, and there are two more members of the presidency: Ildikó Ábrók, and Norbert Schottner.
So  far, we have organised two refusion disposal, clearing-up the two bordering creeks of Kóspallag, we organised the Málna-festival in July 2015. We also gave presentations in schools and participated in local events.
If you are interested more in our Association or in our activities, You can get in touch with us through this email adress: szilagyialfred@gmail.com




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